Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our very first blog.......

This is an extremely exciting and proud moment, our first blog! Many of you know us as Tutta Bella, but with a new year comes a new era. After much deliberation, Michelle and I have decided to close the doors to our much loved little lifestyle store, our main motivation is to spend more time with our extremely neglected families, who are growing up at a rapid speed! 2009 was an unbelievably exciting year for us as it turned into a cupcake baking and creating frenzy, all brought on by us serving cuppies in our courtyard. How where we to know that the cupcake phenomena would spark a complete u turn in our business. So, without further ado, or ramblings, I'm proud to introduce you to The Cupcake Tarts, yes, that'll be Michelle and I! The idea is to work from Michelle's studio, which at this stage needs lots of re-working, re-vamping and nurturing, a project we're about to get stuck into, and yes, we'll keep you updated on our blog! It'll be there that we can allow our creative juices to overflow, we have so many ideas, which change by the minute, and cannot wait to start putting into practice what we keep "preaching"! So, welcome to our blog, we hope you will enjoy what you see & read and look forward to hearing your stories, comments and any other bits of interesting info you have for us.

Till our next blog.......keep baking and creating!

Warmest regards,

Kim & Michelle

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