Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Camping with style (-:

We loved creating this cake, Alyce was going camping with her friends but there was nothing rough and tough about it, tea and cake, fluffy pillows and soft comfy blankets where the order of the day!

Madagascar Cake

All the characters from Madagascar lazying around. The penquins spell out the Birthday Boys name.

Dino cake

Grey's Mom is so creative and each year she comes up with the most amazing ideas for his parties. For the Dino party she made stunning egg mache dino eggs which the kids had to break open and inside was a party bag filled with surprises, large dino footprints marked the Dinosaur crossing and clever plastic muffin holders held all the goodies to eat!

Pooh Bear and friends

Winnie the Pooh and all his friends on top a chocolate mud cake smothered in chocolate ganache and finished with fondant icing.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Noah's ark

Mr and Mrs Noah, his ark and all the animals.....
Made for little Noah's 1st Birthday!

Garfield and friends

Cuppies which where made a few days before the Garfield and Odie cake as these where delivered on the actual Birthday.

Odie and Garfield

A cake made for siblings who are both crazy for Garfield! We loved the colours of this cake, it's got a real party feel to it don't you think?

Rainbow cuppies

We would love a rainbow in our skies right now, we've been hit by an icredible heat wave which is playing havoc with our baking, buttercream and fondant! These cute cuppies where made for a sweet little boys 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday Luc!