Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday morning......

We've woken up to a dreary, gray Monday morning after enjoying awesome weather over the weekend!  This time of the year in Cape Town is spectacular and if you ever consider visiting our far away shores try and do so in Autumn or Spring, crystal clear skies, a wisp of wind, perfect temperatures and awesome sunsets, pure heaven! 
What a great weekend, between getting our orders out and watching rugby, we celebrated Michelle's daughters 15th Birthday.  It was a Vintage High Tea affair with a photo session courtesy of "Auntie Kim"!.  Of course Vintage High Tea's are what we love so transforming Michelle's garden to into the old English country garden she would so love, but struggles to maintain, thanks to the wippy, salty South Easter, was great fun.  I have to say the teenagers where extremely well behaved and it was lovely to hear them giggling over a cup of tea, very posh indeed! 

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